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Who we are

Welcome to Bitheater! A software engineering company created to help bring the ultimate software solutions for a variety of businesses. Our team is made up of highly experienced software engineers, who focus on developing professional solutions for customers regardless of their industry. We create high quality infrastructure for web and mobile apps, with the guarantee to meet our client’s expectations.

What we do


It can often be difficult for a business to identify its requirements and IT necessities. However, at Bitheater we can do all the hard work for you! Through a one to one consultation we can capture your vision and design the best IT solution for your business. At our consultations, our experienced software engineers will help overcome any difficult questions or obstacles you may have and make your vision into a reality.

Software development

Through years of experience and working with various organisations our software engineers, can cater to a diverse range of companies. At Bitheater we only deliver high software to our clients. With the use of PHP, JavaScript, JAVA and various software tools, we design a software application that meets your requirements.


We can easily handle your project and refactor it when necessary. The Bitheater refactoring process is inexpensive, it lowers the amount of necessary maintenance, and it offers new features all the time!

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Deuche Borse

The City Partnership

Amazon UK



Grupo Gimeno


Meet the team

Magd Kudama - Software Engineer

Magd Kudama
Software engineer

Magd has a great understanding of the IT ecosystem. He is a continuous learner, a best-practices follower and an active collaborator in numerous open-source projects. He's also a Symfony certified developer by SensioLabs!

Jonathan Ruiz - Software Engineer

Jonathan Ruiz
Software Engineer

Jonathan is an active and dynamic professional who has experience in multiple kinds of businesses: from development of orbital satellites to e-commerce, including robotics, dental surgery, telecommunications, and recently IoT. He enjoys exploring new technologies and ways to improve the team performance and knowledge.

Javier Prieto - Software Engineer

Javier Prieto
Frontend Developer

Javier is a Computer Engineer specialising in Frontend technologies, Javascript, Angular 2, RXJS, NGRX/STORE, AngularJS, React (Flux/Redux), TroopJS, Gumtree MVC, JQuery, HTML5, JADE, CSS, LESS.

Juan Prieto - Graphic Designer

Juan Prieto
Graphic Designer

Juan is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator, with more than 15 years of experience, he works on a case by case basis to provide clients with creative expertise for individual projects.

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